Photography is an honest and inner urge. Powerful images continuously pop up in my mind. And I want to stage, realise and capture these. I have been fascinated by images since I was a child. The little black Kodakbox from the sixties was my introduction to photography. The little click, the in black and white recorded moments of family life: they had magic. The combination of creation and technique has always remained a leitmotiv in my work. No wonder my second car was a French Citro n DS, a model in which sublime, progressive technique was linked to a beautiful interplay of lines. I portray women and men in an environment of lost industrial glory. Why? An enormously powerful effect is aroused. My d cors are scrap trains, dilapidated houses and ugly, old and deserted factories, with rusted nails and dust. If you put a person with a strong charisma in such an environment, something special will happen. The incidence of light and the choice for asymmetrical lines strengthens this effect. In my work I especially try to catch the moment. I search for self-confidence, personality and a certain toughness in my models. Authenticity, realness, is a starting-point in my work.